If you’re interested in working with me one-on-one in Kamloops, BC, I’d love to offer you a complimentary session so you can find out what’s involved.

I work with a range of clients – from infants who are struggling to bond with their parents, to people with auto-immune conditions. As a Somatic Experiencing practitioner and Feldenkrais practitioner I’m trained to work on the deepest level of your human system – your nervous system. This is why I treat so many conditions. When the nervous system becomes dysregulated as a result of a traumatic event or a series of stressful situations it can affect you everywhere – your digestion, your brain health, your ability to stay focused, your circulation, etc.

Let’s work together to get to the root cause of your emotional or physical distress so you can feel more alive than ever and become your healthiest, most resilient self. 

Benefits of Personalized Healing Sessions:

  • Feel more human and alive. 
  • Anxiety melts away and your mind and body feel calm. 
  • Learn how to be with all of your emotions including anger and frustration. 
  • Get rid of that nagging sense of discomfort that follows you everywhere. 
  • Loosen tight, sore muscles.

  • Improve digestion. 
  • Your relationship to yourself and your loved ones will strengthen. 
  • Finally find the motivation to start taking better care of yourself.
  • Re-awaken your life energy.

Ready to Get Started?