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1 x Hour Skype or Phone Session


Let’s work one-on-one via Skype or on the phone to get to the root cause of your pain so you can begin to heal. As a certified Somatic Experiencing practitioner and Feldenkrais practitioner I’m in a unique position to offer two modes of healing that focus on the nervous system. My transformative exercises will help you create new neural pathways so you can achieve a deeper sense of calm, release energy and trapped sensations, move more efficiently, have more energy, reduce chronic body tension and pain, and gain a better awareness of yourself through movement and thought.

The nervous system call the shots everywhere – which is why it’s so important to work on this deep level. When we work together you’ll be creating positive change in every part of you – your digestive system, your cardiovascular system, your respiratory system, your reproductive system, your immune system (the list goes on … ).

If you suffer from PTSD or depression, or conditions including fibromyalgia, chronic pain, autoimmune disorders and/or addiction – book your session now and let’s get started on a personalized healing program designed to create deep neurobiological change in your mind and body.


Product Description


Trauma & PTSD. From truly horrific, life-threatening events to prolonged stress like relationship troubles.

Infants & Kids. Specializing in treating kids with ADHD, special needs, on the autism spectrum, and infant torticollis.

Emergency & Rescue Workers. Fire Services, Police, Coast Guard, Paramedics, Medical Services, Search & Rescue, Park Service, and Mountain Guides – any emergency/rescue workers who put themselves in high-risk and often life-threatening situations to save lives.

Syndromes & Mysterious Illnesses. Including IBS, auto-immune disorders, neurological deficiencies, circulatory problems, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Addiction & Other Self-Sabotaging Behaviours. Alcohol or drug addiction, food addiction, and other self-sabotaging behaviours including anger issues or emotional shutdown.

Car Accidents & Sports Injuries. Sore neck, frozen shoulder, stiff back or any other pain or discomfort that lingered somewhere in your body after a car accident or sports injury. 



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