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1 x Pendulum Body Dowsing Reading


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Body dowsing, or Radiesthesia, is a very old technique which is based on radionics/frequencies, and in many ways is similar to individuals who find water in the ground using willow branches. The difference is that I work specifically with the body & a pendulum to find where the body requires the most support right now. I check on the functioning of your glands, organs, and body systems, and look for any heavy metals, parasites, toxins, and radiation.


Product Description

Ready to Experience the Power of Body Dowsing?


  • 1 x personalized pendulum reading with health evaluation. Your reading involves a deep look into the functioning of your glands, organs, and systems to discover the 3 areas of your body that need the most support right now.
  • 1 x 15-minute one-on-one Skype session with Verdell where you’ll have the chance to ask her any questions about your personalized reading.
  • A list of remedies including whole food supplements, herbs, and homeopathic medicine.

3 reviews for 1 x Pendulum Body Dowsing Reading

  1. 5 out of 5


    I had battled with Psoriasis (auto immune disease) for 30 years. I had tried almost everything available to deal and heal my condition, with little to no success.
    I had a pendulum body reading from Verdell during one of the worst flare ups I had experienced. The time frame of the reading was at the height of what historically would only worsen my condition.
    Verdell sent me a one page document of the results of my reading and the course of action that I would adhere to for the next 4 months.

    Within two weeks my symptoms and discomfort decreased about 50%. I was able to sleep again and the distraction of my condition was back to a manageable level. I continued with the body dowsing and within 4 months my condition was 80% clear. After 5 months my skin condition was 100% gone! This was the first time in 30 years that my skin was healthy.
    I was not only amazed that my condition cleared up, but it happened during a period which historically would worsen the disease rapidly

    I can’t thank Verdell enough. I am now experiencing a quality of life that I didn’t think was possible.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Verdell’s readings have helped me transform a lot of my sufferings into successes.
    For the past 5 years not a day had gone by where I did not have eczema on my hands. Painful, wake up at night scratching eczema.
    That is until I had a pendulum reading from Verdell.

    My hands went from open cuts and sores to clear skin on both hands within a few weeks of taking the remedies she recommended.
    Since I was a little girl I have struggled with Eczema all over my body and it flaring up especially in stressful situations. I have tried steroid creams prescribed by medical doctors, DOZENS of different creams from the pharmacy and all natural creams.

    In January of 2015 I had what is commonly known as bronchitis.
    I knew I did not want to take antibiotics because in the past my experience with antibiotics would often create more imbalance in my body. So I had a distance reading with the lovely Verdell.

    My state before I took the remedies looked like this:
    Every breathe I was wheezing and in pain.
    I couldn’t walk downstairs without loosing my breathe and having to take a break.
    I would have to hold onto the walls for support to make my way to and from the bathroom.

    Verdell prescribed a simple page of remedies and dosage for me. Within 24 hours I was on the upswing!
    By 36 hours I could make myself tea and food. I was the happiest sick person I knew!

    What I love about Verdell’s readings is the unique WHOLE body and environment perspective they address.
    I haven’t been into a doctors office for over a year. Verdell is my go to gal for any support my body needs.

  3. 5 out of 5


    I got introduced to Verdell about 4 months ago and have been working with her since then. Shes given me my life back and has helped me reconnect with myself on so many levels. When we meet I just got done having a couple surgeries for endometriosis and suffering from severe low iron anemia . I had an endo ablation done that didn’t work and still remained in pain and heavy bleeding for the next four months, (add that on to the last 27 years of in and out of hospitals and surgeries to remove ovarian cysts and still no answers) being tired was an understatement and walking to my car was draining. After that the next out come was a partial hysterectomy, then my friend told me about Verdell and I said to myself this was my last attempt before I completely give up and give in. After trying EVERYTHING possibly known to human kind, I can honestly sit here and say shes saved my life, I have so much gratitude for her, her knowledge and energy and the way she goes about what she does is just amazing. Now I’m back to surfing, working out, having energy and being connected to what my energy is…and my relationship and business is thriving. Its amazing to see where I was to how far I’ve come and I’m excited to see where I am in a year. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

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