The reality with addictions and other self-sabotaging behaviour is that recovery is not possible without self-awareness and compassion. You not only need to find a compassionate professional who can help you, but you also need to learn how to be compassionate with yourself.

As a Somatic Experiencing practitioner I specialize in helping people overcome their unhealthy tendencies using the power of neuroscience. At the root of any addiction or bad habit is an attempt to soothe pain, and when we work together you’ll get to experience a safe place where you can feel and explore your pain without having to run away from it.

The gentle (but powerful) sensory methods I’ll guide you through are designed to create transformational change on the deep level of your nervous system so you can completely overcome your self-sabotaging behaviour and live a life that is stress-free, ALIVE, and joyful.

Types of Self-Sabotaging Behaviour

  • Drug addiction – this includes prescription drugs like painkillers, and recreational drugs such as cocaine, ecstasy, or LSD.
  • Internet addiction
  • Work addiction.
  • Alcoholism.
  • Self-harm (any behaviour that directly injures body tissue).
  • Shopping addiction.
  • Sex or relationship addiction.

Is This You?

Are you filled with shame, frustration and/or self-loathing around your addiction or other self-sabotaging behaviour? Do you feel like you’re not in charge of yourself anymore, as if there’s somebody else calling the shots? Maybe you’re always searching for some kind of quick relief, or instant satisfaction as a way to soothe the constant pain or distress you feel? It may have even reached the point that you no longer engage in social activities, and you’re isolating yourself more and more from your social support system (friends, family, etc.).

If this sounds familiar you’re probably also fed up. You’re ready to ditch your toxic behaviour, regain your sense of control and vitality, and finally feel fulfilled and at ease with life. And I’d love to help you!

How I Can Help

In terms of addiction and toxic habits, neuroscience research is saying the same thing – you need to find a way to be with your pain, because the more you try to hide from it or numb it, the more pain you create.

My work in Somatic Experiencing means I not only understand the biology of addiction, but I also understand the role compassion and non-judgement plays. When we work together one-on-one you’ll have a safe place to explore your emotions, sensations, and stressful events from your past. I’ll take you through neurobiological exercises that will help you literally rewire your nervous system and the way your body and mind respond to stress and pain.

Verdell helped me to rediscover my own happiness and gratitude for my life. She helped me put aside the behaviours, thoughts, and actions that were holding me down, and gain a much better connection to and understanding of what’s happening in my my body (and mind) and how it is expressed physically. I find myself unbelievable grateful for the tools Verdell has taught me. I’m excited about each session because I know there will be more suggestions, more advice, more opportunities to increase my own awareness, more homework and more support!
Robin Dack, Penticton, BC. Environmental GIS Analyst.

Overcoming an addiction or self-sabotaging behaviour is never going to be easy, but with my help you’ll have the scientific and compassionate support you need to make a full recovery. You’ll get self-care tools that will allow you to make transformational change on a cellular deep level so you can live your life without crippling fear, discomfort or pain.

Ready to Get Started?