Do you believe in entities? In dark forces? Spirits? It might sound like these things only belong in imaginary sci-fi worlds like Star Wars, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned as a healer and alternative health practitioner it’s that just because we aren’t always able to understand other realities doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Just because you can’t “feel” any entities around you doesn’t mean they’re not there.

Now – I’m not saying this to freak you out. Far from it. This can be scary stuff for a lot of people which is why I really encourage you to take this info in with curiosity rather than fear.


Before I go into the types of entities and how to remove them, I want to share the story of my first encounter with a possessed person. It was 2012 and my latest “healing arts pilgrimage” had led me to Paris, France. With the help of Google I met some influential healers, and after explaining the kind of work I do in my private practice (gentle touch-based somatic work) one of them asked if I would consider helping his friend’s daughter. She was 21-years old and suffering from Anorexia. I quickly agreed and a few days later I met her for lunch.

At that point in my life I had honestly never even spoken the word “possessed” or given it any thought, but the moment I met her I knew she was possessed. Even I was a little taken aback by the experience. It’s difficult to put into words, but it was something in her eyes that gave it away – possibly the hollowness of them, or what appeared to be a kind of soullessness. As soon as we began talking I became certain of it. Each sentence she spoke strengthened my theory and also had an element of self-realization to it (maybe subconsciously she knew):

“I feel as though someone is controlling me … I feel as though it is not me choosing not to eat … I feel as though I am always lead down the wrong path in life … I feel like I have no direction … I feel as if I have no friends and something is always sabotaging my ability to connect with others …”

I left the meeting feeling uncertain because this was my first encounter with anything like that. A few weeks later I learned that the head teacher in the group confirmed she was in fact possessed and that he was working with her to the remove the entity. Goosebumps!

The Difference Between Ghosts and Entities:

I want to debunk any false beliefs you may have. In my private practice I work with numerous children who have the ability to see ghosts. Often these children are highly sensitive and have a much stronger connection with the metaphysical world than most people. Occasionally I work with adults too who have the ability to see ghosts, spirits, and auras.

Typically people are afraid of them, but these spirits are generally harmless and just want to say “hello,” “goodbye,” or are telling us that they are leaving now and are requesting your help and/or attention. They’re not trying to hurt you so please acknowledge them and try to help them depart the earth realm, which they feel trapped on. If you ever feel a sort of “sixth sense” that you’re not alone then there might be a spirit or ghost around.

Helpful spirit removal tip: purchase some dry sage, light it on fire, then blow the flame out so it is just smoldering. I like to hold it over a ceramic or glass bowl to collect all the debris from the sage as I walk around the room in a clockwise direction paying particular attention to all the corners – both down low and up high. It is also helpful to create a mantra and to repeat it as you cleanse your space. It can be as simple as “whatever does not have my permission to be in my space must please leave now and please return to the light.” Sometimes a sage smudge is not enough to remove the ghost or spirit and a local healer should be contacted.

Unfortunately entities are a different story and can’t be removed with a simple sage smudge and mantra. Entities actually feed off of the energy of other beings, and unless they’re removed they will stay with us until death. They’re much more invasive and can actually embody us without us knowing. They come in all forms – human-like, spirit, demonic, insects, dragons, reptilians, etc. If you can imagine it, it is probably possible.

The 3 Types of Entities:

1) The Hitchhiker:

This type of entity is just catching a lift on you. They could be with you for just a short time, or hangout with you like a double shadow for an indefinitely amount of time, similar to a backpack. Sometimes you can catch a glimpse of them out of your eye.

2) The Parasite:

Like leeches that suck the energy out of us, parasitic entities cause us to feel drained of energy, always tired, and possibly irritable. Over time they can create physical illness in the body which mainstream medical professionals cannot explain.

3) The Possessor:

The most devastating form is possession, like the young French girl I mentioned. In this case the individual is actually being controlled by another form within them.

Why Entities Attach to People and Why Some People Are More Likely to Attract Them:

Entities are dark beings who get their power from taking the power of other beings. They resonate at a low frequency and are attracted to those who also resonate at a low frequency. This means there are some people who are, or who can become, energetically vulnerable to entity attachment.

From my experience. the people most likely to have or attract entities are those who:

  • are continually weak, or ill
  • experienced abuse (emotional, sexual, or physical) and trauma as a child
  • have had surgeries or near death experiences (out of body)
  • are hospitalized
  • are addicted or have been addicted to drugs and alcohol.

For example, it is quite common for individuals who were born prematurely to have a greater connection to the metaphysical realms, but also to have had a higher exposure to entities. Isolation and lack of human contact lends itself to a greater connection to the outer realms. When in a incubator we are alone, isolated, afraid, deprived of human connection and physical contact which creates the perfect environment for entities to prey and to attach themselves.

Some Signs You May Have an Entity:

  • as children we may have experienced behaviour outbursts
  • always negative, always attracting darkness
  • trouble sleeping, and sometimes wake up in the middle of the night feeling pinned to your bed and unable to move
  • chronic fatigue
  • always irritable
  • afraid of the dark
  • constantly checking over shoulders, hearing faint noises
  • physical health conditions that leave your doctors very puzzled
  • drastic change in eating behaviour
  • feel as though someone is controlling you

Here’s the thing – entities are extremely good at hiding and can quickly morph or simply disappear out of sight. In saying that, once they’re discovered they’re typically easy to remove. Surprisingly there are more than a handful of individuals who have the ability to remove entities; they are not as rare as you might think.

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